The 1-3-2-6 system is a positive progression money management system. This system is akin to the Paroli System. It is founded on the idea that you are able win four times in a row when online casino gambling.

Using this money management system –  your first bet is 1 unit, the second bet will is 3 units, the third bet is 2 units, and the fourth bet is 6 units. Hence the name here.

Meaning, if each unit you bet signifies $10 and the odds are 1 to 1 (even money) – The beginning bet (1 unit) will be $10. If you win, $10 is added to the $20 in the pot – making the 2nd bet $30. If you win again on your 2nd bet, there will be $60 in the pot now. Then, from the $60 you now take back $40 – leaving the third bet to be $20. If the 3rd bet wins again, you will now have $40 in the pot. You will now put in $20 – making the fourth bet $60.

Now, if you win again on the 4th bet, there is now be a total of $120 in the pot – this is all net winnings. Then, you take all the bet away and start the system over again at $10. Each time you do not win (at any time), you start over again with the initial bet of $10.

At this time, if you lose on your 1st bet, your loss is $10. A loss on the 2nd bet will then be $20 (you added another $10). If you lose again on the 3rd bet, you will have a net profit of $20 (you took down $40 dollars after the 2nd bet). On the 4th bet, a loss will leave you breaking even (you put back $20 of the $40 you took down).

What attracts online casino gamblers to this system is that by putting up a measly $20 you might win $120 net profit. Fundamentally, you could lose 6 times at the worst degree of betting, and with just 1 win (a complete cycle) you will win your cash back.