900Pay is a free service from Navaho Networks, and is only available to US players.  A simple and easy to use deposit method, 900Pay is done by phone.

Deposits are made through your phone bill. A maximum amount of 50 dollars a month is permitted using 900Pay. Setting this method up is quite simple, too. It is processed through the online casino of your choice.

One thing to note – telephone access to 900 numbers is needed here. Check this by dialing  1-900-993-4141 (this number is toll-free).

You can open a 900Pay account with the online casino if the above number works from your phone.

Once you have a 900Pay account, you will need to open a free account with eWallet (Xpress Account ) in union with 900Pay if you want to get additional money. It’s free and recommended for full advantage when using 900Pay.

Now, if you live in the US and you don’t want more than the 50 bucks a month, you don’t need to open the free eWallet account. We do recommend going for the free additional account with eWallet if you intend to play a lot. This additional account gives you access to funding up to 5 grand a month (see ACH below).

eWallet Xpress is free and it involves an electronic check or bank wire anywhere from $50 to $500 to certify a banking account. Your name must be on the account. Your first deposit will be transferred to available funds in the Express account.

Funding for this account can be made by the following options:

900Pay – US only, you can deposit up to $150.00 from a 900Pay each month.  The deposit is available immediately.

Money Order – Use a money order processor like Western Union. Funds usually clear within two days here.

ACH  A direct electronic banking account transfer of up to 5 thousand dollars each month.  Available only to US and Canadians. This process mainly takes 4 or 5 business days to clear.

Online Bill Payment – Used only in Canada. Very simple procedure that works instantly.

Bank Wire – Must be arranged at your bank. This can take 2 business days for transfer to be completed. US and Canada only.