The game of Baccarat appears to be very hard and complicated, but in reality it is contrary to that. The game is played in an area known as the Baccarat Pit, which is a large table usually with 12 players. Baccarat players depend more on chance rather than skill. Many consider Baccarat the best betting game because the house edge is only 1.2% on player hands and 1.1% on banker hands.

The Baccarat Pit i.e. the table is similar to the craps table in size. There are even spaces for players, which are numbered one to six on one side and seven to twelve on the other. Each players position features three betting areas that are marked Player, Banker and Tie. Also on the table are twelve little boxes called Commission Boxes. These are used for putting a players appropriate commission payments that is given to the House before each player leaves the game. The dealer puts in the commission.

Unlike Poker, it does not matter where you sit at the Baccarat table. In Baccarat you are not playing against the other players or the house but against the cards. This game is played with eight decks of cards with the jokers removed. These eight decks are all shuffled together. This is known as the bank. Every player is given a chance to hold the bank and hold it till it wins. However holding the bank does not give players an advantage. Once the bank loses it moves to the next player, counter clockwise. The player holding The Bank deals out four cards, two sets of two cards, with the first and third cards going to the Player hand, and the second and fourth cards to the Banker hand. There are only three bets available in Baccarat, the The Bank hand, the PLAYER hand, or the Tie hand. You can place your gaming chips in the area so marked.

The aim of this game is to bet on the hand, which at the end of the deal will be closest to nine in total value. However it should not go over nine. In this game all the ten value and picture cards are counted as zero. All the aces are one in value and the rest of the numerical cards are valued at what they are. The suits have no leverage in this game. In baccarat there are no individual hands dealt to the players. The game ends on its own and bets are paid on the final result. Your winning is based on whether you placed the bet on the right option. If the Player or Bank hand is dealt a nine or eight in the first two cards then it is called a Natural. If both bet it then it’s a Tie. If a Tie occurs then only those who place their bets on the Tie option win. However getting a Tie is rare and pays of nine to one odds. The other two i.e. Banker and Player hands pay off even money.

Baccarat Rules