This page is a great quick reference that will let you understand the least you need to know about playing Baccarat.

1. American Baccarat is played in two different ways, full-sized Baccarat and miniBaccarat. Full-sized Baccarat is the more ceremonial and proper form of this popular casino game, with mini Baccarat showing a lighter less formal side of the game. Both forms of the casino game are played using the same basic rules. We recommend you try mini Baccarat first – to get your feet wet, it is less daunting and the wager limits are always lower that full-sized Baccarat.

2. Quite simply, Baccarat players have only one real decision to make – how much to wager. You and the banker posess hands that will be played according to the game rules.

3. The best part about this game – the house a meager advantage. 1.36% on player wagers and 1.17% on banker wagers.