On this page you will be able to breeze through information regarding the very least you will need to know about playing this faster-paced and very popular online casino game. If you follow these few very basic suggestions when playing blackjack, you will be on your way to successful game-play.

1. Playing blackjack – you want to overcome the dealer without breaking 21. Be sure to read the house rules (as they may very from casino to casino or even table to table) that are clearly written right on the table you wish to play at. If you are still unsure about the exact rules you may ask customer service (online) or the dealer (at land casinos).

2. All dealers have to play by the house rules, you don’t. This is where the player has the advantage when playing blackjack.

3. If you are dealt a natural (21), turn your cards so everyone at the table can see including the dealer.

4. Buying insurance (or even money) permits players to insure their natural against the dealer getting a possible natural. We do not recommend that players get tied-up in insurance. It is not a worthy investment.

5. If a player is splitting a pair, they are dividing their hand into 2 separate hands, each new hand has a bet equal to the player’s original bet they placed at the start of the hand.

6. If a player doubles down, they are really doubling their bet and their hand gets 1 more card.