There are several ways a player can deposit money in the casinos and slots sites for the purpose of gambling. For complete detailed information, click on the links.

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One of the services available is called 900 Pay (available only to USA and Canada residents), which charges blocks of time to the phone bill of your landline. It is quite simple actually, all you have to do is dial the number and then using your phones key pad make a transaction from a list of deposit amount options.

One of the oldest companies, through which such a transaction is possible, is known as Western Union. It is set up in USA, but its services are available through out the world. The players living in the USA can use their credit cards to transfer money instantly to their online casino account. However international users can only send via a Western Union office.

Another popular service is called NETeller. Players, who have a NETeller account can deposit, withdraw and transfer monies to the several online casinos and slots websites that work with NETeller. There are several funding options available with NETeller like electronic funds transfer, bank deposit, credit cards and InstaCash. There are several advantages with using NETeller like no service charges, credit card information is private, secure transactions and you can access and transfer funds from anywhere and anytime.

A service called Citadel works by transferring funds to online casinos with slot machines. Using Citadel you can send electronic checks that will be deposited into your online casino account. However there is one stipulation with using Citadel, you have to have a checking account with a financial institution in the USA.

A first of its kind, DuoCash is a payment processing and clearing network, which enables Internet purchases through the use of prepaid phone cards. These cards are available in twenty, fifty and hundred dollar denominations.

FirePay is a free web-based cash account. You can fund your FirePay account directly from your U.S. bank account, and immediately pay with the deposited funds. FirePay is always free for consumers. It’s free to sign up, free to fund, and free to use.

One of the newest innovations in making online casino deposits is the PrePaid ATM card, though it takes a little time to set up. After you set up an account using this method, the ATM card any can be used at any of the numerous ATM machines. If you win at an online casino then you can have your winnings credited to your ATM card, and then withdraw it at an ATM machine.

Then there are always the conventional ways of buying tokens from an online casino. These methods involve sending the casino a check or a money order. Another option is to set up a wire-transfer, and then moving monies into your casino account through that.

While choosing a deposit method keep in mind that not all casinos recognize every method of payment. You can check what methods an online casino accepts at their website. Also keep in mind that sometimes casinos offer bonuses if you use a certain depositing method.

Here are a few more popular methods for depositing money at am online casino: