Even though this funding method no longer allows bank transfers or credit card deposits, it still lets you use eChecks. Instant eChecks cost a minimal charge (see below) and four day eChecks are absolutely free of charge.

To use Central Coin, players need to provide valid US bank account information. This company even offers a ATM usable cash card. Transfers, whether they are to or from the account are free of charge.

Central Coin has instant eChecks that cost 6.9% of the total value of the check. Actual checks sent by mail are charged a $15 fee to process.

Deposits into CentralCoin account are done through a bank wire transfer (ACH), or eChecks.  This can take 5 business days to process (depending on bank and location)and clear transferred monies. A major plus here is that Central Coin has a many different programs suiting different amounts of money being transferred. It is worth checking out.