Citadel is a provider that was actually more popular in the past than it is today. Nonetheless, this company still provides remarkable service as a payment processor.  Originally, Citadel focused on eCommerce fraud, and provided risk management resolutions to online casino sites. Citadel’s parent company, e-Success, has been been a leading company used in governmental lottery operations for quite some time. Citadel assures that all online casinos are properly licensed and operated before it will work with them. This is an added comfort for sure. myCitadel is the most fitting way to go when you use a deposit system with an online casino.

To open an account with Citadel, you must provide a range of identifications. Be prepared. This system is so secure that you have to register with Citadel from the same computer that you used to open your online casino account. If you are looking for that added feel of security – go with Citadel. It may not be the easiest to to prove identity to, but this company means business.

Also, be prepared with the following:

– Casino username and password

– Drivers license number or ID number

– The last four digits of your Social Security number

– Checking account number and routing information

myCitadel is a personal cash deposit system operarted by Citadel. This system processes transactions for people worldwide.  ATM/Debit cards are provided in addition to opening an online account.

To open an account, a valid checking or savings account is required.

myCitadel works like a debit card in that it will hold funds from a personal account, making payments when authorized by the account owner.  All banking information is kept confidential, and is not shared with the merchant, which in this case would be the online casino. The service is completely free for making deposits and purchases.  Small withdrawal charges are incurred when you withdraw money (usually 5 bucks when transferring back to original bank account).

Please note, if you don’t use your account for 90 days, there is a $2 monthly charge imposed fro each month the account is dormant.