A Craps strategy that will help you win should involve clever bankroll management and an understanding of the bets on the table. Also, a good player should be able to distinguish a strategic approach from a systematic approach. If you have these weapons in your pocket then you will be in front of the other players.

The reason why bankroll management is so important is because without it you will not be able to measure the success of your game play. One way to follow this method is to set up a loss limit and not crossing it. This is said to be the best method, but also the toughest to follow. It happens quite regularly that a player crosses his loss limit. A player starts off with two hundred dollars as a bankroll, but might lose it quickly. If this happens then the player is tempted to pump more into the bankroll. To avoid losing big, a player must avoid this temptation.

A walk away limit is setting a limit at which you leave the game whether you are winning or losing. If the above is hard, then setting a walk away limit and sticking to it is even harder. No player wants to walk away when he is winning. So it would be easier to play with keeping a loss limit in mind, so that you can avoid losing big.

Another way of playing with the bankroll method involves a strategy in which, you play to win and then continue playing, but only with your winnings.

The second aspect of a good strategy would be a clear understanding of the bets on the table. Many advise that it is better to stick with pass line bets that are backed by free odds, come bets backed by free odds, and place bets on the six or eight. A certain advantage would be hedging your bet when playing complicated games. However, it has hidden costs and should not be the end of your craps strategy.

One of the most important aspects of possessing a good strategy is differentiating between strategies and systems. A system is systematically beating a game. It basically means beating it by the numbers through a combination of bets that puts the ball in the players’ court rather than the house. However, craps is a negative expectation game. And the leverage cannot be in favor of the player in the long run, even through the most complex hedging techniques.

It is important to have a strategy while playing Craps because it will make you play smart and avoid big losses. The best strategy is the one spoken of above i.e. having a limit on your losses and wins. This is considered the best method because it makes it possible for the player to gain as much control as possible over the final outcome of the game.