ECO Card is a association of European banks providing a credit card substitute largely geared towards online casino players. By using an SSL banking interface server to complete real time money transfers, ECO accounts have no account history tracking and real-time balance information. Creating itself as an alternative to credit cards, the ECO card does will not accept credit cards as a means for making deposits. This system does take many other forms of deposit forms of funding such as MoneyGram transfers,  Western Union wire transfers, bank account wire transfers and even private money transfers.

The ECO card is fitting for international customers because in that it honors a variety different currencies. ECO card accounts provide a currency conversion section that gives members the choice to make payments to online casinos who deal in different types of currencies.

Small fees will be posted to account holders upon withdrawals, all other transactions are free of charge.

ECO is attractive to online casino players because it allows its users to withdraw money from online casino accounts and deposit the money right into their ECO accounts. One thing to realize is that only winnings are allowed to be transferred and they come with a $10 fee for bank wire transfers or a $25 fee for checks, only available to those living in Italy and the UK.