FirePAy is very safe and it is a simple online depositing method for you to use.  All accounts are sheltered with double firewalls (hence the name FirePay), IP address filtering, and high-bit encryption. FirePay has no fees for signing up. It is available only to US customers. Money transfers are completed only through your bank account. Many online casino players compare it to a simple debit transaction.

All money is transferred like a direct electronic bank transfer (also known as an ACH). Before you can get a money transfer here, a banking account has to be validated by getting a deposit number made by FirePay into your banking account. 

After your account is verified, transfers usually take 2 or 3 business days to clear. Most online casino gamblers report that transfers take only two days.

For each deposit you made into the FirePay account, a small fee takes place.  Purchases and withdraws incur no fees. Withdraws can be put right back into your verified bank account.

Use FirePay’s ExpressFund if you are looking for instant access to money. This process is extremely efficient – more so than basic FirePay, It does come with more requirements, though. ExpressFund accounts have a $500 limit each week and deposits have an extra two dollar fee. Like basic FirePay, a verified bank account is needed first.