The Martingale System is a negative progression system. 

Commonly referred to as the Double-Up System. This system has been around since dirt first formed. Most people that use this system believe it is very simple. Based on the principle of losing an countless amount of times in a row the system is used, for the most part, with even money wagers.

Say that you begin with one wager, if you win, you start again with one wager. Now, if you lose, you double the amount of the last wager you lost. Ultimately, you are going to win again sooner or later. When you do win, you will regain all your lost wagers plus one unit profit from your starting bet.

Now, the basis of the money management system might seem fool proof. But, to actually use the Martingale takes one seriously fat bankroll – plus the return minimal. So, in reality, this system is real hazardous because of maximum wager limits that are put in place by many casinos. Meaning, if a player reaches the house limit they stand to lose big time. No chance to recover the loss at this point.

The Martingale system in no way guarantees that you will win and is a VERY DANGEROUS system. WE DO NOT recommend using this system.