MoneyBookers is an electronic funds transfer method that is operated by the Financial Services Authority of the UK. This system uses email accounts to permit transfers of money.  Also, Money Bookers abides by Consumer Protection Regulations and eCommerce rules making it highly regarded and very secure.

Money transfers come in many forms of currencies and are available right away. Widely used in several countries (over 30), standard money funding is done by using your credit card, bank transfer or even your own personal check.

Players can immediately send and receive moneys by using the ways listed below:

Online money transfers and purchases – After deposits are complete, purchases and transfers are presented in real time.

Bank account or credit card – You can put money into a MoneyBookers account. This may take up to three business days. Most cases it will not.

Receiving Money –  Player’s MoneyBooker accounts are able to get funds.

Notably, player’s with mobile phone numbers can permit payments by email accounts.

Fees vary here, but signing-up, money requests, money receiving, and banking account deposits are all free of charge.

– Credit card deposits are fined 3 percent.

–  As far as sending money, you will be charged 1 percent of the amount that you send.

–  Minimal fees are charged for withdrawing money and putting into your bank account and for getting checks in the mail.