Since 1999, NETeller as been dispensing online money transactions. Since then, this well known company has opened more than 700,000 different accounts with businesses and eCommerce sites that are allowed to get NETeller funds for payment purposes. NETeller is free and confidential. It even provides ATM cards and a rewards program named NETpoints for making multiple money transfers. This company accepts many different currencies, too.

You can use the following methods to deposit money into a free NETeller account:

Debit Card & ATM Card –  Processes immediately. Very popular route to take.

Online Checks – If you register your checking account to your NETeller account, funds can be transferred electronically to your NETeller account. Your money takes up to  four to five business days. Some online casino players have noticed a quicker turn-around.

Credit Card –  Convenient and you get the money immediately to deposit at the online casino.  Just be aware of your interest rates!

Internet Banking – Usable in Europe only, this is a very popular and very effective form of transferring funds from an online banking account.

Bank Wire – This is basically a direct deposit transfer from your banking account that you have to create at your actual bank.

$InstaCash  – This is a  service provided by Neteller. It allows you to transfer money directly from your checking or savings account. This method is extremely safe. It takes just about two business days to complete. This method is popular with players that want to transfer larger amounts of money, too. A beginning deposit of $500, and up to $2,500 can be done once your account has been verified.  You are accountable for getting the verification.