PrePaid ATM a very popular deposit method that permits the transferring and depositing of money without having to  provide any bank account information. These cards are very secure and you can use them at any online casino that debit cards are allowed. Basically, the card replaces a debit card drawing from your bank account. The PrePaid ATM account can be used online and off line. Transactions don’t divulge personal information and payment is instant. The service is even available to international players, but users in the US are given more options when using this card.

Money limits at ATM’s and retail transactions are $1,000 for each 24 hour period (for both US and International users). Also, a $3,000 maximum over seven days is imposed for US users.

For online purchases, you can spend $5,000 every 24 hours.

Other than Internet and retail purchasing, a PrePaid ATM card can be used at ATM’s with the same logos (Visa MC) all over the World. Many people use them to receive money earned on eBay. These card s are obviously convenient and are used for a wide variety of things.

Putting money on the card is even easy. You only need to click on the Fundingoption, which will then list the many different methods of how to transfer money to the card.

Here are the most used methods for putting money on your PrePaid ATM:

Paycheck Direct Deposit – You can even allow your employer to deposit your paycheck into a PrePaid ATM account these days. A simple paperwork procedure is made to permit your employer to do so. It may take a couple of pay periods for this to commence, but it is east to do.

Credit Cards – With a credit card approval, the money is available instantly. Just be aware of interest rates here. Prior to approval (faxing credit card agreement approval a front and back copy of your credit card, photo ID), US players are able to make a maximum deposit of $500. International card holders must wait for approval (usually just over an hour) before depositing any money to the card.   All deposits are made in US dollars. Maximum deposits are $1,000 each 24 hour period, $2,500 for every 7 day period, and $5,000 for every 30 day period.

Bank Wire – A direct bank account transfer available to US players and Level 2 International bank account holders. All you really have to do is send an email to the online casino customer service. They will give their specific instructions promptly. Instructions may vary slightly from casino to casino.