Roulette is one of the most exciting games played in Casino across the globe. The aim of a player in this game is to guess correctly and bet on which number on the wheel the ball will finally rest on. If he wins then the type of bet placed determines the winnings. The odds can range anything from thirty-five to one to even money.

The game of roulette is played at a table, which usually seats up to seven. The table consists of the wheel and a betting area that is known as the layout. After the players have placed their bets the dealer spins the wheel. After the wheel stops spinning the number on which the ball stops is the winning number. In roulette the players do not play a deciding role. The spinning of the wheel and the throwing of the ball are all handled by the dealer (in roulette known as the croupier). All the players have to do is quickly decide whether to place a bet or no and if yes then on which number.

There are several betting options available in the game of Roulette. The different bets are designated by the placements of the tokens in the layout. The several bets are divided into two major categories, which are, Inside bets and Outside bets.

The Inside bets are those that are made on the numbers directly inside the layout. While the Outside bets are those, which are made on the betting area on the Roulette table bordering the number layout. Keep in mind that different tables have different layouts for Outside betting. Make sure you find the correct spot and then only place your bet.

Also like the rest of the gambling games the harder it is to obtain the bet made the larger is the payoff. For playing Roulette you have to purchase special tokens and these can only be used for Roulette. However when you plan to leave the Roulette table they have to be cashed for regular casino chips. Each player is given tokens of a different color. This is done so that the winner of a bet can be distinguished easily. These special and differentiating tokens are used because the betting area is always crowded with the tokens of many players that are kept in many places in the layout. These tokens avoid the confusion as to who bet on what number. There is a strict rule applied while playing roulette to put a stop to any kind of cheating. Players who are losing might be tempted to move their tokens in the layout from a losing position to one where they might get some payoff. To avoid such a situation all the players are asked to keep their hands away from the table from the spinning of the wheel till the time until all winning bets are paid to the respective winners.