This page will cover detailed information regarding the Flop, Turn and River for this very popular online casino came. Whether you are playing Texas Holdem online, with a group of friends, or at a land casino the main strategy is the same.


Remember – we discussed the importance of beginning standards when Playing Texas Holdem before – in addition to that, you will want to make sure the flop fits your hand right. Meaning, no matter how awesome your first two cards are, a crappy flop can change this quickly. So, lets say you were holding a pair of threes before the flop, and the flop did not produce anything to enhance your situation (ie: no more threes were dealt or any other pairs) – your hand is suddenly not so good.

Generally speaking, you don’t want to move forward into the turn if you are not holding a high pair by now. Even then, you will want a strong additional card to complement your high pair at this point in the game. Meaning, if you are holding a pair of tens, an ace or king is recommended as being key. Use your best judgment here – look at the flop – are the cards potential high hitters for the other players ?- and you are only holding a pair of tens.

Basically, what we are trying to say here is that the flop is the most defining factor in how you will proceed in the game of Texas Holdem. Remember, at this point, playing a weak hand will only end up costing you money.


Remember, the turn card is the fourth card dealt face up into the middle of the game table.

Some pros believe the turn will play itself. We pretty much agree with this statement, though we do not believe players should just sit back and stay in the game on cruise control at this time either. Don’t waste any money betting this round if some sort of complementary situation hasn’t happened for your hand here. For example, you are now holding your original pair of tens and the turn has produced an additional pair in the common cards. If you are not now holding a full house – someone else may very well be holding a full house. Be aware.


Alright, if you are still in the game – you should be confident that your hand is a strong one. Or holding a potentially awesome hand. Meaning you have four of the five cards you need for a straight flush – or high regular flush.

If you are playing with a group of cautious players, there will probably be only two ort three of you left. .

Remember, once the last card is exposed, you hand can’t get any better.

For more info regarding the Flop, Turn, and River –  read our Texas Holdem  Strategy III section. This section contains great betting tips for each part of Texas Holdem.