This section contains great betting tips for each part of the Teaxas Holdem game. It really doesn’t matter if you are at an online casino, home with your buddies,  or at a land casino, these tips apply to all situations.

Tips For Betting The Flop

 – If the flop doesn’t fit into your hand – most of the time – let it go. Fold.

1.  Stay in the game if the flop improves your hand. (or if #3 already took place)

2. Stay in the game if the flop provides a draw that will pay off well if you get it.

3. Stay in the game if you originally had a high pair before the flop.

– If you flop a big hand, give the other players at the table the chance to get the 2nd best hand – just don’t give them a free card that can come back and bite you in the a*s.

– Novice player? If so, always play on the conservative and safe side – this really isn’t a game to bluff if you are not cunning enough.

– Be choosey about the hands you intend to play – before AND after the flop. However – be aggressive when you have a great hand.

Tips For Betting The Turn

Keeping in mind that the turn is not as difficult to play as the flop, these are a few issues you might face – and what we recommend you do if they do happen.

– When you have the top pair on the turn – raise. It is not recommended that you raise in this situation if the common cards are 3 suited.

– If you are holding a draw, try to go through this section cheap. Meaning, no unnecessary raises.

– Bet, or check (planning a raise) if you are certain you have the best hand. Make it expensive for the others who are on the draw.

– Come out betting unless you think another player will bet or call your raise.

– Don’t bluff poor players here. In order to beat a poor player – you have to show down.

Tips For Betting The River

 – Remember, after the river card is dealt, your hand can’t get any better.

– When you have 2 pair, it will typically be the best hand, but (like the turn) be one the lookout for 3 different suits being represented in the common cards – someone else may have just made a flush.

– If you over call, you must have a hand good enough to beat-out genuine calls.

– At this point in the game, base your actions (whatever they might be) on your hands