Assuming that you already read our Texas Holdem Rules page, this page will explain in a bit more detail, some great ideas that you will want to take into consideration while playing Texas Holdem at your favorite online casino.

In the Beginning – Standards

As we explained to you on our rules page, this game only looks like 7 card stud poker – but it plays differently.

The first major difference we want to point out to you is that over 70% of your hand is defined on the flop. Because if this, your best values in this game are found up front. Meaning, you are able to see just over 70% of your hand for only one round of betting. You should have a pretty good idea where your hand is headed by the end of the flop.

If you chose to stay in the hand through the turn and river you want to make sure you have a strong hand – or (if in the turn) you feel the strong possibility to catch the card you are looking for in the river. While bluffing takes place at all forms of poker, if you are bluffing, be sure it is good enough to make the others fold. This game can get expensive- you don’t want o be the one left holding nothing.

That being said, the first two cards dealt are very key. Like most types of poker games, you need to have standards at the start of the game. If you don’t have standards for what the first two cards should be (to stay in the game) you are most likely a player that will draw your misery out far too (expensive) long.

Starting standards can even be modified by where you are sitting at the table. Meaning, depending on which position you are sitting at, the same two beginning cards might be good at one spot , but bad sitting in another spot. For instance, if you have a weak start, but you are sitting in the last position (to the right of the dealer) and the bets are weak up to your turn, you might stay in. If you are sitting at the first seat of a betting round and you hand is weak – fold.


Position is also key when playing Texas Holdem. Where you are sitting at the table is very important to how you will play out certain hands.

Based on a nine player game, this is the break down of positioning. Early position would be both blinds (the first two players to the left of the dealer) and the next two players to their left. The next three players (the fifth, sixth, and seventh players) are consideredmiddle position., so the last two players (eighth and ninth) are considered late Players.

One thing to remember is that most casino games are dealt by a house dealer. Because of this, a marker is used to show who the would-be dealer is. This player will always be the last player to act for the current game. Just like it would playing at home with friends, the marker will move clock-wise one space for each game played.