Theses great tips are for you to consider for the entire game of Texas Holdem. Again, whether you are on the Strip in Vegas, at an online casino, or at home playing your Friday night usual – these tips are helpful.

So, if you are playing Texas Holdem properly, consider these tips to be a great tool for successful Texas Holdem play.

– If you are sitting in an early position (one of the first four players to the right of the dealer) and you do not  have a VERY strong hand, you will toss a lot of hands away. Don’t stay in if you have an average or poor hand.

– Remember, position is key when playing Texas Holdem. Meaning, a hand that you would fold if you were sitting in an early position may be a keeper in the late position (one of the last players to act).

– And always, if the flop does not complement your hand, you should bow-out of the game. Even if your first two cards looked great.

– Many Texas Holdem players play an ace – king like it just as good as a pair. True, they are powerful draw cards, but if the flop does not greatly improve the situation – get out.

– Just because this game looks like 7 card stud – it isn’t at all . This game plays way different. This game has shared cards and over 70% of your hand is revealed in the flop. In just one round of betting, folks.

– Be aware, the pot in this game can get really large – especially when a raise occurs before the flop is dealt. Many players can be held to the pot when this occurs. Now if the flop offers a flush or straight (potential) for the an opponent, they will stick it out. Hence, an even larger pot. This will get expensive.