Before we dive right into playing, you should learn how to use these video poker strategy cards. The process is fairly simple, but may not be obvious at first. Remember, these video poker strategy cards are based on Full-pay versions of the machine that they reference.

Video Poker is completely different from the normal Poker played at the casinos. The only similarity between the two forms of Poker is that the value of the hands is the same. The object of video poker is to get a winning hand of poker. The hands with which you have more chances of winning are royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, or a pair of jacks or better.

When the game begins you will have to signal the machine and it will deal you five cards. In most forms of video poker a player will have to press the hold button below the cards he wishes to keep. When you signal the machine to draw, new cards will replace those cards you did not hold. After that, the video poker machine will then calculate the best possible hand from your five cards and pay you according to the pay table of the game.

One of the reasons that this game is so popular is that sometimes the games return over a 100% and other full pay games offer very close to 100% over a period of time when you play with the correct strategy. You have to be very careful while playing Video Poker because even small and few mistakes can have a large impact. These mistakes can completely wipe out the little advantage that you have.

Many players keep a strategy card with them while playing Video Poker. A strategy card is a card, which shows you the correct way to play every hand that you are dealt by the machine. When you feel confident enough to start playing Video Poker at a casino keep your strategy card with you. When you are dealt a hand that you are unsure of, you can look up the proper play on your strategy chart. By following the cards advice you will keep the hand that offers the highest possible return. To use the charts all you have to do is look at the hand that you are dealt. Starting at the top of the chart you will look down until you come to that hand. The hand closet to the top of the chart is the correct play. The strategy cards are very important to posses while playing Video Poker because they will guide you and help you play every hand correctly, so that you stand a chance of winning money.